Why Bother With SEO

You need only take a look at the expansion of the acronym SEO – which is Search Engine Optimization – to get an idea of the importance of it. Think about how many times you use Google (or any other search engine) in a day. Every search result that you might use, which rarely exists beyond the first page, is a result of a complex page ranking algorithm that the search engine uses to calculate the relevancy of a particular website. Putting in the effort towards developing your website’s SEO elements increases its visibility in search engines and raises its chances of appearing in the much-desired first page. This in turn leads to larger traffic, which results in better business and awareness. If you find what you need no page 1, you wouldn’t really bother to use the results on pages 2 and onwards, and would anyone else? 

But it’s more than that as well. SEO optimization also improves the quality of your website and the user’s experience of it. These “best practices” might seem extraneous, but they can make all the difference in differentiating your business from that of competitors. 

Increased Traffic

This brings us to ou next point: SEO drives traffic to your website. It literally makes the world more aware of your website. Your website is your primary location in the digital sphere and SEO builds the roads towards it, allowing more and more people to connect with you and conduct business. It is a very practical affair, rooted in the real world of numbers and revenue, and simply a technical matter that superficially boosts your website Sproutbox Media, on their webpage and blog, detail nicely the effects of SEO and how SEO optimization translates into real-world results.

The payoff is much greater than other modes of traffic generation as well. For a relatively modest investment, your website can receive a great deal of attention that in time is more cost-effective than traditional marketing techniques, such as AdWords.

Permanent Results…With a Caveat

In bettering your website’s SEO metrics, you make changes that don’t diminish with time. What you do now will last for your website’s lifetime and future changes only require a modest amount of work to keep up with the evolving SEO world.

However, in the end, it still comes down to the content on your website. Without engaging and useful content, you can only do so much to attract and retain readers. You could bring a few thousand readers with some SEO, but what use would it be if they don’t stay to make use of your services? This is still by far the most important factor in deciding the value of your brand and should be taken very seriously.

If you haven’t optimized your page’s SEO, do it now. You’ll see gains soon enough – and it will keep you abreast with the competition in the future.

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