What To Consider When Monetizing Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the go-to platforms when it comes to making money on social media. If you have a good following and want to monetize your account, consider using multiple strategies. Diversifying your Instagram monetization strategy is important as you do not want to use a single method of approaching your customers all the time. Some of the best strategies for monetizing your Instagram account are outlined on the Incomeartist.com website. Before implementing these strategies, it is important to consider the following success factors.

Get a Good Following

Not all accounts are worth monetizing. If your followers are few, it may not be possible to earn from your account.  Grow an audience that will be interested in spending on your ideas, tips, and products. If you must buy followers, you must be smart enough to avoid companies that sell fake accounts. Otherwise, allow people to follow your account because it interests them and not because they are programmed to do so. To easily get more followers, concentrate on a specific niche and post on a daily basis. Make use of Instagram videos. Encourage your followers to engage with you and keep off private accounts as these maybe bot-generated.

Create a Sales Conduit

One common feature of all marketing platforms is the use of product imagery. By showing pictures of your products to users, you can easily convince them to buy your products. Instagram is a great place to start a sales pipeline. As more people get to see images of your products, you will be surprised at the number of deals you will get from the platform.  You may not get any customers in the short term but as you keep talking about your brand and what you do, many of your followers will eventually buy from you.

Use Matchmakers for Influence

Being associated with an Instagram influencer goes a long way in attracting advertisers to your profile. Influencers help raise your following and engagement level. This makes you noticeable to investors who wish to engage a similar audience like yours.

Sell Space and Time

Convert your Instagram feed into ad space. Let users pay you for image captions, hashtags and image placement. Provide contact details on your profile for advertisers to reach you easily. Selling ad space is different from other methods used to earn money from social media because it doesn’t involve the use of a middleman.

Final Word

In a nutshell, Instagram monetization involves just to major segments; building a community and choosing a monetization strategy. If you do not have a good number of followers, you cannot make money. If you have a poor strategy, you will not make money either.  Whichever method you use to make money on Instagram, make sure that it is worth the time and investment.

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