The Best Way to Prepare Wild Game

Changing your diet to include wild game is a wonderful way of ushering in the winter and fall seasons. Some novel meats such as rabbit, antelope, deer, wild boar, duck and more exotic ones like the squirrel, anteater, and bat are popular in several countries. If you live near a jungle, you can easily get these animals free of charge or at a small cost.

Different Approach

Wild game requires a slightly different way of preparation and cooking. Most of the exotic meat has a strong smell that you need to get rid of before cooking else your family will not enjoy it. It is advisable to marinate the meat for some time to tenderize it and add some flavor. Some people do this for 24 hours; others go up to 4 days while keeping the meat fresh through refrigeration.

One thing you should observe is the time taken to cook the meat. Game meat is very tender and may become dry if you cook it for too long. Keep an eye on it as it cooks and serves it when it is still pink and juicy. You can also decide to grind the meat and use it in recipes, get the right grinder from to get the best consistency.

Use the Right Ingredients

Just like ordinary meat, you can add some common ingredients to wild meat to make it tastier. Some spices such as ginger, black pepper, and wine can help neutralize any smell. The choice of wine will be dependent on the type of meat that you are cooking. In many cases, white wine is used in white meat and red wine in red meat. Several chefs have used this rule since a long time ago. Nowadays, many people ignore it and use any wine on whatever type of meat they desire. This has resulted into several great wild game recipes that are worth trying out.

You can also use wild game to prepare herbal soup. Some of the herbs used in preparing the soup have medicinal properties and can help cure even the most chronic ailments. Chinese herbs are the best for making game soup.

Final Tip

Before preparing game meat at home, visit one of the restaurants that serve it to taste some of their dishes. Be sure to meet some of the most amazing flavours and tastes. If you like their recipes, you can talk to the chef and find out what cooking tips they use.

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