Robotic Vacuums now Incorporate Germicidal UV Light Technology

Research shows that the use of germicidal ultraviolet light in the cleaning mechanism of a vacuum cleaner almost doubles the rate of removal of microorganisms from your carpet. This is compared to using a robotic cleaner that doesn’t have the UV light installed.

Carpets carry all types of germs and bacteria. These form the major allergens in any home or commercial area, making them a high risk to health. Inhaling these microbes and particles cause ailments for the family, this turns out to be expensive in the end.

Those most susceptible to these ailments include the aged, children and asthmatics that have compromised immunities. They are also at risk because they spend most of the time indoors, exposed to these contaminants.

How it Works

As the robotic vacuum passes across the floor, the incorporated UV bulb produces rays that kill the germs, and then the suction pump pulls the killed microbes into the filter bag that traps up to 99 percent of the germ and dirt particles it picks up. The UV light is germicidal, destroying all the germs and microbes in one sweep.

Apart from the use of UV light, this robotic vacuum also comes with various features that make it ideal for any home or office carpet cleaning process.

Quiet Operation

A suitable robot vacuum won’t interrupt your sleep as it performs the cleaning tasks around the home. It also shouldn’t disrupt the focus of the employees if you use it in a commercial setting. The quiet operation is ideal especially when you have kids around, because you can schedule the vacuum to work at any time without disrupting anyone’s sleep.

A Wide Range of Settings

One major feature that makes a robotic vacuum ideal is the ability to schedule its cleaning program. This setting means that you can schedule the vacuum to clean your home several times a day even when you aren’t around. You can set the schedule remotely; you don’t have to be there for it to work.

Ease of Maintenance

A good robotic vacuum shouldn’t require regular cleaning. You ought to empty the vacuum’s dustbin easily, clean the filter, and brush without any hustle. The vacuum ought to come with the necessary tools to make this easy and quick. If the unit comes with machine washable mopping pads, it makes it a bonus for you.

High-quality Sensors

Sensors are what make it possible for the vacuum to move around your home without running into anything. With sensors in the right places, you are assured that the vacuum will clean your house without any damages to items.

Innovative Design

Similar to any equipment or tool in your home, you need a vacuum that blends with your existing décor. An attractive and sleek design adds some charm to your home. Choose a color that you prefer and which suits the existing theme in the home.


Choose a robotic vacuum that can work as a mop, a broom and a vacuum cleaner at the same time. The more the vacuum does the better for your house. Some even come with filters to purify the environment in your home.


You can get more from using a robotic vacuum that incorporates germicidal UV light. Apart from this, you need a vacuum that is sleek in design, multipurpose, has sensors in the right place and a wide variety of settings. Check some of the models on Vacuum Fox.

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