Riding Mower vs. Lawn Tractors – What You Should Know

Is there any difference between a lawn tractor and a riding mower?  Yes, and it lies in the cutting deck’s positioning. The lawn tractor has a mid-mounted cutting deck. A riding lawn mower, on the other hand, has its cutting deck located under the front of the vehicle.

A riding lawn mower is relatively maneuverable in comparison to a lawn tractor thanks to the front location of the cutting deck. If you’ve used either of the machines before, then you know that maneuverability is important especially when mowing a lawn with obstacles such as trees or shrubs.

And as far as the similarity goes, both can use accessories such as snow removal tools and cleaning brushes. Just like all lawn mowers, you have to be careful when operating either of these machines. Never mind that they are more or less like “little vehicles,” but it takes some skills to use them and most importantly get the desired results.

That said, what should you consider when buying a lawn mower? We share some helpful guidelines.

Conduct Some Market Research

The lawn mower market is always changing. Even if you own a riding mower, you may what want to check what’s available on the market before you spend your money on a replacement or better model. You’re better of listing down the pros and cons of the machine you intend to purchase. Use the elimination method to eventually settle on a lawn mower that best suits your requirements.

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You also want to know the number of attachments a lawn mower can handle – the more, the better. Just certain accessories tend to be more expensive. A bag or grass collector, for instance, will cost you more than a mulching system or a side discharge chute.

Horse Power and Quality of Parts

If you’re a landscaper, you’d want a mower with enough power for your tasks, and you’d probably make do with a riding mower or a lawn tractor. A homeowner is likely to spend on a less powerful machine with a smaller engine as long as it can do the job. It is important to mention that the higher the horsepower, the more expensive the mower is.

Look for a lawn mower made using high-quality materials. Again, this depends on the tasks at hand. If you’re a low-end homeowner, you may purchase a unit with a stamped deck which is more affordable. A landscaper will better off with a mower whose deck sports welded joints for durability.

While it is essential to make certain considerations before spending your money on any lawn mower, you have to carry regular maintenance procedures for your machine to provide years of use. Be quick to replace worn out parts to keep the machine’s performance at its optimum.

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