Peer Support And Its Different Categories

The term- peer support is perhaps known to many people. It, in fact, denotes the help or assistance to people, who are ill mentally or physically. The help can be practical, emotional or social support. However, very often, such support is offered mutually, enabling the peers to get assistance.

The peer support system can offer lots of benefits. It can increase one’s level of confidence, self-esteem and also positive sensation.  Often, the peer support workers realize a high enhancement in their personal capability of coping with the mental health issues. In addition to it, the peer support can also improve the overall health because it can reduce the possibility of hospital admissions.

Persons, who can get benefit from the support

The plans on peer support, arranged by Mental Health Charity, have been designed in such a way that all the peer supporters, who have enough training, may assist the peers to solve the following problems.

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Bereavement and some other mental health-related conditions

Peer Support of various types

Peer Listening

The peer supporters sometimes give listening service and may also possess a great counseling skill, which comprise non-verbal or verbal interaction, vigorous listening and privacy. Most of the peer supporters have accomplished some training to offer formal help to the peers.

Peer Education

It engages the instruction of one peer to the other on a definite topic, for example, the management of the depression, addiction or anxiety. It will usually comprise a group that includes the peers of almost same similar status, age or background.

Peer Tutoring

This is a system, where the peer supporter helps the peer, of younger age or same age with the social or academic and social learning. This help presented by any peer trainer may be cross-curricular. It can be in the way of paired writing or reading.

Peer Mentoring

An instance of peer monitoring is the buddy system. Here, the persons, who have obtained some guidance, are associated to some new team and serve as a mentor, pal or guide to relieve people with new setting.

A different feature of this mentoring system is related to the helpful role model that involves a long-term dedication of a mentee and a guide. The peer adviser is bonded to the mentee. He has the function of listener as well as negotiator.

Peer Mediation

It is also called as the clash resolution. The best peer mediator is also qualified particularly in the skills of resolving the conflict. They assist people to get solutions of all the clashes in informal and formal circumstances. It is hard to locate an association assuming only the peer mediation system, although such type of model is sometimes an element of a full peer support plan.

Thus, get these best peer supporter and improve your mental condition.

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