Office Chairs Buying Guide

Office Furniture, especially the chairs, can create a positive or negative impression with your customers. If you want to create a good first impression, you need to consider the construction, style, and the materials used on your office chairs. Customers waiting in line for an appointment tend to take a seat inside or just outside the office they are visiting. Therefore, as you look for the most appealing office chairs for the staff, also consider getting beautiful and comfortable seats or chairs for the customers. There are numerous considerations you should look at before buying office chairs. Irrespective of where you are buying from, be it an online store, an office supplies store or a brick-and-mortar furniture store, Knowing what you need, can make the whole experience less daunting. To easily find the right office chairs for your needs, follow the guidelines highlighted below.

Materials Used

Office chairs are constructed using a wide variety of materials. Certain materials are of higher quality than others, which makes them more durable. Some of the most common materials include top-grain leather, mesh, imitation leather and moulded foam. Each of these materials has their advantages and disadvantages. Based on your needs, compare the pros and cons and settle on the material that offers more benefits and also possesses the features you are seeking. For instance, top-grain leather is used widely for executive office chairs. However, it is not ideal for offices that don’t have a good air conditioning system in place.


Before you decide on which chairs to buy, ask yourself whether the space you have available can accommodate the type you want to buy. Make sure that the kind of furniture you purchase is a perfect fit for your work. If you need to move the chairs in the future, be sure to look for less bulky models that are easy to move from one point to another.


When buying office chairs, there is a broad array of features that you need to take into account. The preference of these functions is mostly as a result of what interests you more. As such, knowing how difficult it is to get a chair with all the features, prioritizing the features that appeal to you the most makes a good point. Some of the essential features you need to look out for include armrests, backrest, tilt, seat depth, adjustable height and lumbar support among others.


There are different types of office chairs in the market that come with different prices. The features that characterize the chair, including the materials used and the design or style in place, can elevate the cost of such a chair. However, with the broad range of models in the market, it is very likely that you will find a quality piece that falls within your budget and is also suited for your needs. If you want the more advanced features such as high-quality materials and comfort, you should be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money.


When buying an office chair, look for a model that suits your working environment but also fits your body. Being able to sit comfortably for long hours should be given priority over creating a good impression to customers. See to it that the chair you buy avails sufficient back and seat support, making it easy to support your natural posture and reduce the pressure on your spine. Your final decision should be based on your individual preferences and interests.

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