Imperial Hotel Blackpool – What Sets It Apart From The Rest?

Imperial Hotel Blackpool is a member of the Hotel Collection brand of hotels and apartments. It is located in North Promenade in Blackpool having a brief walk distance from the center. The hotel is very near to the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Imperial Hotel Collection has been established by Beach Continental Hotels, who are one of the largest players in the hotel industry.

imperial hotel blackpool

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool has a lot of attractive features and one of the major things that make the hotel so popular is its amazing location. It is situated in the posh promenade, which makes it look like a big luxury resort. There are many luxurious amenities available in this hotel. There is a state of the art fitness center with an indoor pool, a swimming pool, bar, lounge, and a conference room. If you have your family or friends visiting from London, you can treat them to the top-class services offered in this hotel. It has a lot of car parking options.

The hotel offers a spacious and elegant room and it has a modern atmosphere. The service provided here is of the upmost quality. You will get all that you require inside the hotel room. There is a complimentary breakfast that is served three times a day. Room service is provided throughout the day.

There is a wide range of dishes on the menu and they also offer continental breakfasts. You can also get continental breakfasts served in the evening. There is a choice of over six kinds of food to choose from.

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool also offer room service that serves cocktails and other snacks throughout the day. There are two restaurants in the hotel that serve food. They serve international cuisines and the dishes are delicious.

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool has a location that caters to the needs of the corporate crowd. Business meetings and conferences are held at the hotel. You can plan your trip according to your budget. There are many places to park your vehicle. Hotels in Blackpool are near the airport and rail terminus. The railway station is one of the major train stations of the country.

If you are looking for a place for entertainment, then the Imperial Hotel Blackpool is the right place for you. They have four bars and a stage for live entertainment. There is a cover charge for the entertainment but the service is excellent. You can watch live soccer games, view movies, musical concerts, and even enjoy an outdoor concert.

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool also offer car hire. They have a special car hire area for customers. There are many packages offered by the hotel. You can get package deals that include air fare, hotel accommodation, car hire and breakfast. You can also get a package deal which offers all amenities.

You can get good value for money when you book your stay through the internet. It is easier to book your accommodation online. There are many options available. You can choose from a variety of budget hotels.

When you are looking for food, the Imperial Hotel Blackpool offers a lot of choice. There are a lot of local restaurants where you can choose from. The cuisine is prepared using fresh ingredients.

You will also find several pubs and nightclubs in the area. Some of these clubs offer live entertainment. There are many local musicians who perform at the night. There are bars and pubs that host popular live music shows. Many of the bars also offer drink promotions.

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool is centrally located near many attractions such as the Millennium Dome and the stadium that hosts some of the local football teams. The park is home to many animals. The park has a large animal farm. If you are interested in roller coasters, the park has some excellent coasters. There are also many theme parks that the Imperial Hotel Blackpool can be found within walking distance of.

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