How to Grow your Instagram Account Organically

During its first days, no one would have anticipated that Instagram would one day become the leading networking and marketing platform for all types of businesses. Today, it is not only the most popular social media platform but also a serious tool for building an audience for brands. The level of engagement and conversion rates on Instagram further consolidates its status as a market leader.

However, like all other social media platforms, numbers rule on Instagram. Your brand presence and visibility are highly dependent on the number of followers you have. Bearing in mind that authenticity is the basis of creating lasting and fruitful interaction on Instagram, this article explores genuine ways in which you can grow your account.

Establish your target audience

Depending on your Instagram goals, it’s important to identify the people you want your content to reach. Promoting your brand to people whose interests are entirely different will have no substantial benefits in the long run. Such people may be only after a like or a follow and may end up unfollowing you in no time.

Have a plan in place

Once you have identified your target audience, put in place plans to engage them with interesting and compelling content that meets their expectations. Keep tabs on your competitors whose presence and influence exceeds yours and see what they do differently to engage their large following. A strategic plan includes borrowing ideas from competitors with a similar audience.

Take advantage of available tools

The first thing that comes to mind when the word tools’ is mentioned with regard to Instagram, is automation tools. According to reviews on different sites, some third-party companies such as Stim Social claim that they can grow your account organically on your behalf. Whether they can do that or not remains a mystery. However, it’s in your best interest if you keep off such engagement companies and stick to interactive methods. Make use of authentic tools such as post scheduling that can help you plan your feeds in advance. Scheduling enables you to maintain a consistent pattern and you are unlikely going to run out of content.

Promote your dedicated hashtag

Creating a dedicated hashtag for your brand is a brilliant idea. However, you need to promote it robustly if you want people to take note of it. Cross-promoting your company’s dedicated hashtags makes it known to people who eventually adopt it when sharing any content related to your brand. Even though you have it on your profile, promote it on other offline platforms by printing it on receipts, including it on your store’s signage, and in print adverts.

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