Factors to Consider Before Buying Yorkstone Flags

Reclaimed or new, Yorkstones are an ideal option for outdoor flooring including on driveways, garden pathways, patios any other outdoor flooring needs. However, you need to get the right quality if you want to have your dream floor in your grasp. Whereas most stone suppliers stock the right quality for Yorkstone flags, it is best for you to have an idea of what you should be looking for. Reclaimed flagstones, also referred to as Reclaimed York are hard to wear and are normally pulled up during renovations allowing them to be used for flooring needs elsewhere. Reclaimed flagstones are more popular compared to flagstones fresh from the quarry. However, you need to take into mind certain factors if you want to get the real deal as explained below.

Origin of the Reclaimed Flags

It is important to ask your stone supplier where the stones came from because their origin can impact their appearance and dictate where to be laid. For instance, if the reclaimed flags were previously subjected to a lot of traffic, presumably in a public place such as a church or a pub, their surfaces may have worn out making them smooth. Yorkstones with smooth surfaces are ideal for home flooring, which makes them more desirable to most interior designers and homeowners.

On the other hand, Yorkstones that have been outdoors for many years tend to have an exceptional finish as a result of weathering. Such flags appear stylish and are a great choice for outdoor flooring projects. As long as the quality is top, Yorkstone flags are very durable and can be re-used numerous times.


Whereas it is almost impossible to get a batch of flagstones with the same thickness, it’s important to look for a yard that can sort them out for you to attain an almost consistent thickness level. The thickness of the flags determines how easy or hard it will be to lay them down. Consistent or workable thickness levels make it easy for you to lay the flags and also attain an even finish. Also, try to find out from your stone supplier the kind of thickness that is most ideal for your Yorkstone Paving needs.

Tools and the Skillset

Once you have identified your preferred flags and your batch makes a safe transit home, it is time to lay them down either by yourself or contracting an experienced tradesman. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have the right tools in place. That is because some flags may need to be cut and shaped to fit with the area. Without the right tools, it can prove to be a difficult task for you. Therefore, be sure what your plan is and contract the services of a professional if you are unable to execute the plan on your own.

Look out for damages

Yorkstone flags are hard to wear. However, flagstones that were originally laid in a bad way, or used for the wrong purposes may get damaged over time. Therefore, see to it that the flags you choose have no cracks, chips, or missing corners. Whereas some of these mishaps can be addressed and repaired by a specialist, they involve extra work and extra cost. Even so, some damages such as cracks or splits are irreparable.

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