Experience the fun of biking but with care

Bikes are great assets to have. Be it in terms of fuel efficiency, style or fun – there is hardly any other mode of transportation which is as popular as bikes. But at the same time, you need to be more careful when riding bikes since bikers are more way more prone to accidents than those who ride cars. And several of those accidents involve a single vehicle.

Hence, it is always important that you also own the responsibility to protect yourself while riding your beloved motorcycle. It is a key to your security whether you have hit the road with a bike just recently or have returned to biking after several years.

How to ensure that you are safe during biking? Here are some tips:

Learn it right: Learn how to bike properly before hitting the roads with full force. Practice a lot with people who are experienced in biking, undergo government-recognized safety tests and obtain a licence before beginning your own journey.

Never take risks: Cruising on a bike should be fun and not a life-risking achievement. No matter how much adrenaline rush you have, check yourself from speeding and also do not ride under the influence of alcohol. If you can eliminate these two factors, you will be able to reduce the risk factor in biking significantly.

Wear the right gear: Go for all-covering protection while riding a bike. Wear jacket, gloves, tight trousers, goggles and pick the bright-colored ones so that the drivers of the bigger vehicles can see you. Even it is hot, never ignore the biking dress. You can go for jackets made of breathable mesh material that provide ventilation. To know more about right gear for biking, see how it works.

Choose bikes carefully: Today’s bikes are faster than even their not-so-distant predecessors and that makes it very important to choose the right machine at the time of buying. Buy a bike as per your requirements. If it is just for riding in the city, you can go for a modest powered one while a more powerful one is better for highway cruising. Besides, also pick one which you feel comfortable to handle and control so that there is less chance of meeting an accident.

Must install anti-lock brakes: Bikes that have anti-lock braking system (ABS) are less vulnerable to accidents than those that don’t have. An ABS prevents your vehicle to skid and crash in case you apply the brakes during an emergency stop and prevents a fatality. Particularly if the conditions are wet or slippery, the ABS does your life a great favor.

Wear helmet: Even though a helmet comes under the protective gear but it requires a special mention since it is the most important gear which you must wear when riding a bike. Injury to other parts of your body can still heal but a fatal head injury can leave you nowhere. Also pick helmets that are strong and durable and give an overall protection to your skull and ears.

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