Electric Versus Propane: What Is The Best Heater Option?

Most of us will have to wait for the summer sunshine before we can enjoy outdoor dining with friends and families. Thankfully, outdoor patio heaters are available these days and keep us warm whilst outdoors. It is good to know that heaters are not only useful inside our homes and are capable of warming us up if we want to enjoy a short outdoor activity during winter.

There are two options when it comes to outdoor patio heaters for sale in the market these days: electric or propane. Similar to other things that we buy for our home, it is important to research on the advantages and disadvantages these two types of heaters bring. By knowing the product’s strength and weaknesses, you can weigh which is most suitable for your needs.

An electric patio heater uses radiant heat in order to warm its surrounding. Because it directly affects the objects around, electric patio heaters warm a lot quicker. Electric patio heaters are usually the preferred type of heater if there are small children around. People find the electric option a lot safer because it has no open flames and uses electric bulbs instead. Some think the electric heater does not require a lot of maintenances but only needed bulb replacement after a while. However, electric patio heaters do not provide the same heat output as the propane heater option. Apart from that, you need to have an electric outlet to make the heater work. So if you don’t have a power socket around your patio, expect that you will need a few meters of power cord extension to plug inside your house.

The propane patio heater is usually the most preferred option when it comes to heating because the amount of money you spend using it is far less expensive in comparison to electric heaters. Maintenance costs are also cheaper. Propane heaters work by warming the air around the area and may take some time before you can feel the effects. Despite waiting a bit for the propane heaters to warm up, it provides a higher heat output than electric. Apart from that, propane heaters are a lot reliable because it will still work despite a power outage. Over the years, improvements were made to make it suitable and less “dangerous” even if there are children around. Despite the advantages it has over electric heaters you need to be careful when using propane heaters and ensure it will only be used outdoors. Propane heaters release carbon monoxide and should always get proper ventilation.

Regardless of the type of patio heater, you can be assured that electric and propane electric heaters are effective tools for outdoor heating. Just align your expectations with the product you purchased to make sure you will not feel disappointed after the purchase.

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