Cordless Drill Shopping Tips

Drills have evolved a lot in recent years. With the right drill, you can accomplish a lot in the workshop or even around the home. Cordless drills have become the preferred choice of many handymen and even homeowners. Rightly so, they bring forth more mobility and freedom. With a cordless drill, there is no limit to how far you can travel or work. More so, you don’t have to get bothered about tangling the cord around ladders, stools, or even your legs. However, a cordless drill uses a battery that needs to be charged periodically. Having a spare battery helps to enhance continuity as you recharge the other one. Even so, you need to ponder some factors before buying a cordless drill so as to get the best choice for your needs.  These factors are as explained below;


It is important that you get the right size depending on how you’ll be using the cordless drill. They come in different sizes, measured according to their voltage. The higher the voltage, the stronger and bigger the drill is, and also the more weight and features it carries.  If you plan on tackling light duties around your home, a low voltage drills would be an ideal choice as it’s also lightweight.

Brushless technology

Brushless technology represents the most recent innovation in cordless drills. Unlike the standard brushed drill motor, there are no brushes on the motor with a brushless drill, leading to minimal friction and heat when using the drill that causes less wear and tear making the drill more durable. It also generates more speed, torque, and run time, making it more powerful and efficient than a brushed drill motor.


Be on the lookout for any features that may interest you or prove useful even if you hadn’t thought about them initially. Speed settings, for instance, influence how your drill works. Whereas you get more versatility with variable speed settings, high-speed settings are the best for drilling with low-speed settings providing higher torque for driving screws more easily.

A reversible direction is another important feature that allows you to remove screws from the wood or other materials. However, make sure the switch is easily reachable with your forefinger or thumb while maintaining your grip.


Some tools feel quite comfortable when you pick them up, a situation that may change after a few hours of using it. Make sure the drill feels comfortable when you operate it. As such, consider its weight, especially if you will be using it for long hours. A good drill design should clearly demonstrate that there is an even distribution of weight to offer better balance and minimal wrist strain.

Drill type

Drills come in different types. However, the two main types used mostly are the drill/drivers and the hammer drill. The drivers are the most popular type and are mainly used to drill holes and drive screws into timber, plastic, or metal. Hammer drills, on the other hand, perform the same functions as the drivers but have a hammer setting that enhances drilling into concrete, stone, and bricks. Hammer drills are however heavier than the drivers. Since most projects involve drilling and screw driving, some individuals prefer having two drills, one for each task. However, you can buy a kit that includes different combinations to fulfill both functions. The combinations can be a hammer drill and a drill/driver or a drill/driver and an impact driver. Go for the one that appeals to you the most as long as it meets your needs.

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