Common Back Pain Causes and Treatment Options

Back pain is one of the most common ailments among adults. It occurs due to a variety of reasons and may disappear within a few days, or get worse in the case where a serious underlying condition involved. The intensity may vary from a dull ache to an unbearable, throbbing pain.

The cause of back pain may be as simple as old age or as complicated as a damaged nerve. Sometimes, our lifestyle and work environment requires us to stay in one position for several hours. This exerts unusual pressure on the back and may result in a lot of pain. An injury or bad sleeping posture can also strain the spine or lead to the formation of scar tissue which may affect your back. During old age, the ligaments supporting the back may thicken and the joints may dry out resulting in weakness and discomfort around the spine. Some illnesses such as arthritis and osteoarthritis may also cause inflammation and thickening of joints around the back, causing a lot of pain.

Common Back Pain Treatment Options

Solutions to back pain vary depending on the cause and severity of the pain. Some aches may disappear on their own while others need proper medical attention. The effectiveness of treatment is sometimes increased by combining more than one treatment option.

Now, let us look at some of the common treatment options.


Although doctors recommend bed rest as a cure for back pain, evidence indicates that short walks, swimming, and stretching exercises help relieve the pain faster. There are several great exercises that are geared towards strengthening the back muscles that you can use to reduce the pain before seeking medication.

Therapeutic Massage

A deep tissue massage is capable of penetrating through your muscles to the bones, easing chronic pain. If you are prone to recurring backaches, you may consider a long-term massage solution that you can use at home instead of spending a fortune on a specialist. You can invest in a full body massage mat, which is specifically designed to give you a vibration massage for the entire body in the comfort of your home.

Application of Cold Packs

Doctors may also recommend applying a pack of ice to the affected area within 48 hours after the start of the pain. It is believed that the pack numbs soft tissues and reduces the swelling caused by inflamed tissues.


Drugs provide the fastest way to ease back pain. These may range from ordinary painkillers to inflammatory drugs depending on the intensity of the pain. For chronic cases, the doctor may recommend certain injections to relieve the pain faster or even surgery, although this is often recommended after alternative treatment options have failed.

In Closing

Identifying the cause of your back pain is vital when it comes to choosing a treatment option. In case you notice that moving around is aggravating the pain, you may need to rest for a couple of days or until the pain becomes bearable.

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