Building an Ergonomic Home Office

We all love to work from home, don’t we? No more traffic jams, spending more time with our kids, being able to go out whenever we want. The ideal situation we always dreamt of has finally become reality.

Then something unexpected happens, we start to feel pain in our joints, and slowly but steadily our back starts to hurt as well. No idea where this is all of a sudden coming from as we never dealt with these problems before and we start to think.

Could it be that I’m sitting on a regular dining table chair instead of a fancy in height adjustable office chair? Nah, it can’t have such influence, after all I eat every day from that chair and I never have any problems, and we also spend hours on end playing board games with the kids so how could it be.

We are just forgetting one thing, spending half an hour on such chair and occasionally a few hours is not the same as spending eight hours in a row on that chair. Working from home sounds ideal but it is easy to get distracted and to make up for that time we often work in long stretches without any break at all while at the office as soon as we hear the bell we jump off from our chair to take this well-deserved lunch or smoking break.

Yep, you got yourself to thank here, working from home isn’t always that healthy despite all the other benefits that come with it.

So it’s time to professionalize our home space, turning it into a home office instead and that starts with getting a proper desk instead of using the dining table, a decent chair that’s adjustable in height of course so that we sit in the right position. In case you don’t want to spend a fortune on all the necessities you can also consider a footrest, that way you make up for the height of the table so that you can still keep using your dining table as you might not have that much extra space in your living room, and with the new baby coming up you can’t claim that spare room for much longer.

Choices, choices, choices, but everything is better than working in pain and distress every single day. So get up from your chair and do something about your situation or your problems might only get worse and you don’t want to end up in the hospital with a hernia.

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