4 Tech Hobbies You Didn’t Know Existed

Technology is changing the way most people think about spending their free time. While innovative technology has enhanced several activities, it spawned several exciting new hobbies straight out of science fiction. Here are just a few examples of new technology-based hobbies that you have to see to believe.

Drone Flying

Drones come in all shapes and sizes. Small to medium-sized drones can be used for a wide range of hobbies. With the right attachments and equipment, drones can be used for photography, fishing, fetching objects and more. The possibilities are endless as more people work on custom designs and create new attachments. Complete kits are available to make getting into this hobby super easy.

Robot Combat

We’ve all had fighting robot toys growing up; robot combat takes this concept to a whole new level. Each robot is custom made and built for the sole purpose of fighting. The robots are programmed with a wide range of fighting moves and are controlled remotely. Some competitions allow the robots to be equipped weapons. Various parts can be used as armor. Whether you choose to slice opponents with powerful saw blades or take a defensive approach to building, robot combat is the hobby for you. There is even a Robot Hall of Fame for the best combatants! See the information and learn more about this exciting hobby.



It’s no secret that every piece of technology we use has to be programmed. Hobbyists work to improve technology even further, creating a wide range of projects in their workshops. Raspberry Pi and other small computer manufacturers help make experimenting with programming even more exciting.


Home Automations

Creating your dream home might not seem like much of a hobby, but it is when you start to realize just how far home automation has come in the past few years. Automated lawn mowers and weeding machines eliminate yardwork. Motorized window shades open as soon as the sun comes up. Lights, cameras, televisions, and keypads can all be operated via smartphone. Small household robots and central hubs put all the technology in one spot, often allowing the homeowner to control everything using voice command. Hobbyists work to include this innovative technology into every aspect of their home, eliminating chores and saving a lot of time.

As technology continues to grow, people will have access to more innovative hobbies. Whether people are interested in building robots or flying small drones, they can find the tech gadgets they need to complete their projects.

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